Family life is the highest satisfaction generator in the region

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Due to their Latin way, Romanians tend to appreciate more than the region average the family life. Next after Romanians, Turks appreciate family life influenced by their culture. On the other hand, when we head north-west, we notice a higher pragmatism towards this belief (Slovaks and Czechs). This comes also from high divorce rates in Czech Republic and Slovakia as compared to the other countries.

Czech Republic and Slovakia are the countries with the highest divorce rates and divorce - marriage ratios in the region. In Czech Republic divorce marriage ratio is 66% (one divorce at every 1.3 marriages) while in Slovakia 47% (one divorce at every two marriages). In countries like Romania, Turkey, Serbia and Croatia divorce marriage ratio is below 28%.

The percentage of people who are satisfied with their family life is:

* Market research study run by Daedalus Online in 2013.