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October 1, 2012 - April 30, 2013

Monthly Raffle

January 2013 - December 2013

Points System

You get a certain number of points for each survey you complete, depending on the length of the survey and its level of difficulty.

Daedalus New Media Research conducts periodic information actualization surveys (web-cruisers).

The number of points for this type of survey is lower (20 points) and completing it takes only a few minutes.

Questionnaire length Points
Under 3 minutes  30
3-5 minutes 40
6- 10 minutes 50
11 - 15 minutes 75
16 –20 minutes 100
21- 30 minutes 125
More than 30 minutes 150

In case you receive an invitation to a survey and after completing a part of the questionnaire you receive a message which says that “you profile does not correspond”, you will receive 20 points.
The questionnaire length is calculated after pretesting and represents the average duration. If a person does not meet the criteria required for participating to a survey (for instance if the person is not a Ford driver), then this person will receive 20 points.

The points will be updated in maximum 5 working days after completing a survey, for each person who has participated to the survey.

Daedalus New Media Research reserves the right to modify at any moment the points system, according to the market conditions. This modifications will be published on the site.